W I L D E  A B O U T  T A N  -  S H E R W O O D


M O B I L E  S P R A Y  T A N N I N G


If you're after an absolutely gorgeous, glowing tan because you cannot be without one, or you want to feel fabulously glowy but have never had a spray tan before, then let's get you addicted to the Wilde About Tan #glowbuzz! No need to go to a salon and bare all, let me come to the rescue with a mobile tanning salon, at home, work or any preferred location! In no time whatsoever you will have the glow of your 2-week-holiday dreams in the comfort of your own venue.


Using the fabulous organic-based, Velocity rapid tan by Vani-T, you'll be able to achieve a glow to rival any beach goddess (and you will no doubt get asked where you've been away!). Without a doubt you'll be wondering why you've never had a WAT spray tan before!