S T U D I O  A L I C E  L I L Y


B E A U T Y - N A I L S + B R O W S


Studio Alice Lily provide beautiful gel manicures and pedicures, as well as brow enhancements, designed with you in mind. From the products used, to the attention to detail and care taken, the aim is to always provide a luxury service within a relaxed environment to achieve the look you desire. If you want a stunning set of gel nails for a special occasion, or want to start a good nail-health/brow-transformation journey then you've taken the first step; you have arrived here!



The brands that are currently used are The Gel Bottle and Calgel/iZ Gel, both aimed at enhancing and improving the natural nails whilst providing a super-glossy finish. All are soak-off gels meaning that they have great flexibility yet are strong enough to withstand our day-to-day tasks!

If nail art is your thing, then I’ve got you covered! Bring along any images from Pinterest, instagram or even a design you've thought up, and I aim to recreate the look you wish for. Or, if you want something cool, but aren't sure what, then just ask and there will be something we can come up with together! From marble, to tortoise shell, foils to hand-painted shapes, ask away!


S T U D I O  B R O W S

This treatment is for all of you beauty babes that want fuss-free, gorgeous, defined brows, tailored personally to you! If you want to spend less time drawing in your brows, or don't want to DIY your own shape, then take a seat in the brow chair and let Alice do the brow transforming! After assessing your personal requirements for your brows, they will be tinted, waxed, threaded, tweezed and trimmed to perfection, finished off with some brow makeup! What more could you ask for than fast, magical new brows?! The brand that we use for brows is Refectocil, and even better, all colours and oxidants are vegan and cruelty-free!


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